business prospectus

The feature of the flat-panel display business

We are able to continuous production of a flat-panel display (design, supply, lamination, packaging and check)

  • We will handle it from 1 panel.
  • We will also correspond to mass production.
  • We will respond to a short due date.
  • We will handle modularizing after the lamination.

Lamination material

  • Lamination of a polarized light film in a liquid crystal panel (right figure :1 and 2)
  • Lamination of a touch panel in a liquid crystal panel (right figure :1 and 3)
  • Lamination of a cover glass in a touch panel (right figure :3 and 4)
  • Additionally please consult any time.

Lamination material

  • OCA
  • OCR

Lamination size

  • Up to OCA-25 inches.
  • Up to OCR-12 inches.

We also do hand lamination.
We are making an effort toward expansion with the size.
Please also inquire about the size beyond the above.

Possible panel

  • A liquid crystal panel: Low temperature, hotness and amorphous polysilicon
  • OLED: low temperature polysilicon
  • Touch panel glass and film
  • Electronic paper: low temperature polysilicon, and FPD in general