business prospectus

Small-quantity production of various LED!

  • We manufacture desired LED's of whatever amount in cooperation with our partner companies.
  • We can quickly respond to all of your requirements, making the best use of the strength of individual company in our partnership network.

Why can we make your desired LED?

2-step sorting with our partner company's equipment allows for higher accuracy LED.

Accommodate requests for measurement, analysis, test, etc. of optical and electrical properties.

Partner Companies' LED Measuring Instruments, Testers and Equipment

No Name Description Manufacturer Notes
1 LED Chip Sorting ALPHA 3000 Seiwa Electric Mfg.
2 LED Chip Sorting ALPHA 3100 Seiwa Electric Mfg.
3 LED Chip Sorting ALPHA 310 Seiwa Electric Mfg.
4 Bond Tester 4000 DAGE
5 LED Sorting Machine (Garter No.1 machine) NCS-1100III Nihon Garter
6 LED Sorting Machine (Garter No.2 machine) NCS-1100III Nihon Garter
7 Sorting Change Kit (No.1 machine) 6050 (for Garter No.1 Machine) Nihon Garter
8 Sorting Change Kit (No.2 machine) 3228 (for Garter No.1 Machine) Nihon Garter
9 Sorting Change Kit (No.3 machine) 6050 (for Garter No.2 Machine) Nihon Garter
10 Sorting Change Kit (No. 4 machine) 3228 (for Garter No.2 Machine) Nihon Garter
11 Sorting/Taping Machine PH-2000YE PALMEC
12 Discrete LED Sorting Machine H142 Ver4.5 CYT
13 Compact Reflow Furnace STR-2000 Shinapex 300℃ max
14 X-ray Observation Instrument XD7600 DAGE
15 Low-Temp. Temperature and Humidity Chamber PL-2KH Espec -40-100℃,20-98%
16 Compact Digital Soldering Bath FX301-01 Hakko
17 Square-shaped Solder Pot POT-50C Taiyo ELectric Ind.
18 Curve Tracer SCT-2FR Kokuyo Electric
19 Digital Microscope VHX-600 KEYENCE x20 - x100
20 DC Voltage Current Power Supply R6240A ADVANTEST
21 Infrared Thermometer IT-550S HORIBA
22 Withstand Voltage Tester TOSS5051A KIKUSUI
23 Thermometer HA-200E ANRITSU
24 Temperature Chamber PH101 Espec outside air temp: ~200℃
25 Humidity Chamber PH101 Espec outside air temp:~200℃
26 Optical Measuring Instrument Spectrometer Otsuka Electronics
27 Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chamber EHS-411M Espec  
28 Compact Thermal Shock Chamber EHS-411M Espec