Business Prospectus
Semiconductor Backend Process and Packaging
  • Total line solutions for bare chip mounting such as wire-bonding, ACF bonding, FCB, etc. and SMT operations, including board design, material procurement, mounting, assembly, quality evaluation/assurance, packing/delivery, etc.
  • Meet various requests for prototyping, small-quantity production ....
Flat Panel Display Business
  • Total line solutions for flat panel display operations (including panel design, materials procurement, bonding and mounting).
    • Polarizing film on LCD panel
    • Touch panel on LCD panel
    • Cover glass on touch panel
    Modularization ....
Assembly Business
  • Accommodate various assembly operations, meeting requests for quick starting up, short-term production, quick delivery, high quality and most reasonable cost .....



Evaluation/Inspection Business
  • Tests and evaluation in various environment using our 3 large-scale temperature & humidity testing chambers on 24-hour/365 days basis.
  • Please feel free to consult with us about any kinds of tests and evaluation ....