business prospectus

Test/Inspection Business

  • Perform various tests/evaluation under constant temperature and constant humidity environment
  • Rent evaluation equipment
  • Operate 24-hour/365-day
  • Propose optimum test method on your request

Rent our temperature and humidity chamber on a daily basis (min. 1 day).

  • Controllable over the full range from 10℃/10% to 60℃/95% (i.e. from low-temperature low-humidity condition to high-temperature high-humidity condition)
  • Without humidity control, temperature range from -10℃ low to 80℃ high
  • Batch contract of evaluation tests available
  • Consultation of providing necessary personnel acceptable
  • Unrivaled price!
    Please feel free to contact us.

Specification of Temperature & Humidity Chamber (common to 3 chambers)

Controllable Temperature Range -10℃~80℃
Controllable Humidity Range 10%~95% (at +10~+60℃)
Temperature Drop Time from+10℃ to -10℃:120 minutes or less (no load, no sample)
Temperature Rise Time from+20℃ to +80℃:60 minutes or less (no load, no sample)
Permissible Load
  • Heat Generation:40KW
  • Moisture Load:500g/h (with 2 workers)
  • Ventilation Volume:60m3/h
Operation Mode
  • Program Operation
  • Fixed Operation
Inside Dimension
  • Area:4m×5m = 20m2
  • Volume:4m×5m×2.1m = 42m3
Door Double doors:W1400mm×H1800mm
Feeding Slope Equal to Door Width
Observation Window on door and another position (2 in total)
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Ceiling:full scale blowoff duct (windless condition)
Maximum Floor Weight Uniform distribution load:6kPa (600kgf/m2)
Cable Port I.D. 50mm, 2 positions (with cap)
Indoor Power Outlet
  • 100V, 20A
  • 240V, 15A
  • Separately Variable between 100V and 240V
Internal Ventilation Capacity orced Ventilation, Ventilation Volume:60m3/h

Inside View of Temperature & Humidity Chamber

Temperature & Humidity Chamber (ESPEC, 2 units)

Temperature & Humidity Chamber (Isuzu CAP)

Examples of Temperature & Humidity Environmental Tests

  • Endurance Test of Precision Instruments
  • Endurance Test of OA Machines
  • Temperature Properties Cycle Test of Precision Instruments
  • Temperature Properties Cycle Test of OA Machines
  • Evaluation of Preservation State of Food
  • High Temperature Environmental Endurance Test of Packing Material
  • Evaluation of Flavoring Agents, Deodorant, and Similar Products
  • Endurance Test of Air Bags
  • Deterioration Evaluation of Rubber
  • Dryness Evaluation of Coating/Painting Material
  • Endurance Evaluation of Construction Material
  • Evaluation of Paper Properties
  • Evaluation of Anti-freezing Material
  • Endurance Test of Galvanization
  • Environmental Endurance Test of Automobile Parts
  • Others

Other Kinds of Tests/Evaluation

Respond to requests for all kinds of tests/evaluation

  • Perform a test/evaluation on a single piece of article.
  • 24-hour/365-day operation available
  • Meet your requests in respect to preliminary proposal/confirmation of test contents.
  • Make every effort to ensure confidentiality of your information

Examples of Constant Temperature & Humidity Environment Tests

  • Bench Mark Test
  • Comparative Evaluation with Competitive Products
  • Matching Evaluation of OA Machines
  • Firm Evaluation of Finished Products
  • Endurance Evaluation of Operating Portion of Finished Products
  • Practical Use Evaluation of Substrates
  • Operational Durability Evaluation of Various Units at Design Phase
  • Continuous Duty Endurance Evaluation
  • Usability Evaluation of a Large Variety of Commodities