Company Outline

Corporate Name
Representative Director
Hidetoshi Kobayashi
Head office/Shiou office/Kubo office/Tokyo office
Head office address
Prefecture code 393-0042
5415 Kitashiou Shimosuwa-Machi Suwa-Gun Nagano-Ken Japan
Number of employees
About 80 (male 50, female 30) and some temporally staffs
Description of Business
・Manufacturing liquid crystal display module for cell-phone
  (Jissoo driver IC to color liquid crystal panel, FPC Jissoo and so on)
・Manufacturing/inspecting/shipping of scanning module for bar code reader
・Jissoo/inspecting/shipping of TFT panel module for liquid crystal projector
・Manufacturing of digital camera related devices, and optical devices
・Bare-chi pJissoo/test production/accepting mass production
   on trust/Jissoo evaluation of wire-bonding ACF, COB, COF, and FCB
・Manufacturing/inspecting/shipping of information devices
   (printer, printer parts, mini- labo and so on)
・Manufacturing of plastic injection molding products
・Fixing service of information devices (printer and so on)
・Recycling of printer parts, recycling of waste plastic high quality material
・Image data output service, product evaluation/test service,
   constant temperature/humidity evaluation
・Industrial waste disposal contractor (intermediate treatment),
   and industrial waste collection/transportation contractor
   (including transshipment and storing)
・Selling/supporting Softbank cell-phone to companies and public offices
・Online selling/supporting information devices and IT related goods
・Developing and selling own products
・Controlling of real estate
Origin of
the company name
ings-shinano INGS is a combination of an English suffix "ing" to express progressive form and a suffix "s" to express plurality; it means our will to keep advancing toward multiple directions for unlimited possibilities. We are pursuing further diversity and progress of our operation, as a 21st century type corporation.