Panel Display Equipment

We have equipment for various display assembly processes.
We can provide LCD, OLED, and touch panel assembly services.
In addition to displays, we can also provide functional film attachments to glass.

We can also provide flat panel, 2.5D and 3D shape lamination.

Vacuum Laminating Machine

  • Applicable size: W300 × L450 × t (total) 150 (mm)
  • Paste: Glass + Film / Film + Film / Glass + Glass
  • Laminating shape: flat + flat, 2.5D + 2.5D, 3D + 3D, etc.
  • Position accuracy: ± 0.05mm (alignment mark or external alignment)
  • Pressure setting range: 0.05 to 0.5 MPa
  • Chamber vacuum: 50 Pa or less

Semi-automatic Fed-Sheet Laminator

  • Supported size : max W500 x L600 x t (total 15)
  • Load bearing limit : 3kg
  • Laminating accuracy : ±0.1 (machine repeating accuracy ±0.02mm)

Semi-automatic every leaf Laminating Machine, high precision type

  • Telescopic type with auto alignment function
  • Laminating accuracy: ± 0.05
  • Supported sizes: W500 x L600 x t total 15
  • Weight: up to 3kg
  • Please use it for laminating various thin materials such as touch panels, cover glasses, protective films, etc.
  • If the curvature is loose, 2.5D (“kamaboko” type) support is also possible.
  • Please consult us as conditions vary depending on the object.

47-inch Film Bonding Machine

  • Usage : to bond various kinds of film onto liquid crystal panel/glass (LCD to POL/CG to SF)
  • Applicable panel size : min 180 x 240mm (12 inch) max 600 x 1070mm (47 inch)
  • Bonding accuracy : ±0.3mm (X,Y)

Assembly Accuracy Measuring Machine

  • Used for measurement/inspection of assembly accuracy of backlight and LCD panel.
  • Dimensions along X-axis and Y-axis measured : minimum indication unis 1/1000mm
  • Automatic positioning to pre-registered measuring point
  • Camera view area : 14.0 x 10.5mm (dissolution 2 million pixel)

High-Precision Back Light Unit Assembler

  • Subject to the accuracy of component parts, bonding precision can be improved to the range of 35μm or less.
  • Workpiece size : 5~13-inch type
  • Automatic image alignment (field of view of camera : 14.0 x 10.5mm 2 million pixel)
  • Adjustable bonding pressure level (max pressure : 150N)

High-Precision Attachment Device

  • Applicable panel size : 4~13.3 inch
  • Attachment assurance : ±0.05mm
  • Workpiece holder system with holding sheet reducing ingression of bubbles into leading and trailing edges