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Company Overview

We have 7 clean rooms(0.5μm, Class 500 - 3000), a total of 2500m2, as our own equipment. We have the experience, temperature / humidity management, dust control, pure water equipment, wastewater treatment and ESD/EOS protection necessary for Flat Panel Display device assembly, semiconductor bare chip mounting, and precision device assembly. And we can provide “one-stop” manufacturing services.

Flat Panel Display Technology

We can assemble not only LCD but also various FPD(Flat Panel Display)s such as OLED, e paper and so on. We have a lot of experience in COG(Chip On Glass) and FOG(Film On Glass) with ACF, backlight assembly and inspection. In addition, we cover many of the flat panel display manufacturing processes, including Touch Panel post process, optical bonding to CG(Cover Glass), and film lamination.

Semiconductor Bonding, Mounting and Packaging

We provide bare chip mounting by wire bonding and flip chip bonding. In addition, seam welding for MEMS and other devices, mini LED mounting is also possible. We can respond from trial production of just one wire bonding.

Assembly and inspection for precision devices

In addition to general IT equipment assembly, we perform fine assembly and optical component assembly that require a clean room.