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We accept various types of wire bonding

Panasonic HW27U-HF

  • Respond to any small request for bonding:1 string of wire, 1 piece of panel, etc.
  • Quick delivery.
  • Heavy cutting, irregular shape, deep access, etc.
  • Hybrid mounting of bare chip and SMT (Surface Mount Technology) (We will support small-quantity production without solder mask.)
  • Rework/repair work of even one piece of wire available

Bonding Material/Profile

  • gold wire
  • aluminum wire (thick, thin)
  • gold wire ribbon
  • aluminum wire ribbon

Precise Fine-Pitch Bonding

Precise fine-pitch mounting less than 1mm square of any amount from 1 piece to large quantity.

Wire Material/Main Use

Wire Material Main Dimension Main Use
gold wire Φ18-50μm COB
thin aluminum wire Φ25-75μm COB
thick aluminum wire Φ100-500μm suitable for power devices in which large current flows
aluminum ribbon -
gold ribbon - suitable for high frequency devices

Bonding Type/Main Use

Bonding Type Main Use
ball bonding most commonly used
wedge bonding used for power device in which large current flows, IC's for vehicle used under harsh conditions

Just provide us with your specification / drawings.
Then we can handle the total line of operations : Leave it to us !

  • Board Design↓
  • Required Materials procurement↓
    *Respond to request for back grind and dicing of IC chips and tray conveyance.
  • Mounting↓
  • Assembly↓
  • Rework / Repair↓
  • Quality Evaluation / Assurance↓
  • Delivery

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