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We can deal with ACF bondingi, thick aluminum wire bonding, and gold ribbon bonding which tend to be difficult for other bare chip mounting and prototyping companies.

  • smartphone, digital camera, car navigation
  • thermal printer, LED printer/li>
  • digital/analog watch, wrist-worn pulsometer
  • high frequency circuit board, X-ray inspection machine
  • super hi-vision camera, RFID tag
  • mountability evaluation, solutions for various problems with mounting, etc.

Product Category:MEMS sensors such as inertial sensors

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
MEMS Package (Sealing/Seam welding)

  • sensor of sealing with seam welding
  • gas seal with N2 and other gases
  • checking with leak testers
  • quartz crystal oscillator, etc.

Bonding Material/Method

  • 電解Ni
  • 無電解Ni
  • 金錫

Product Category:Smartphone/Digital Camera/Car Navigation

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Middle to Small-Scale LCD Panel

  • flip-chip bonding of Dr-IC on panel with ACF (COG)
  • flip-chip bonding of Dr-IC on FPC with ACF (COG)
  • interconnection between LCD panel and FPC with ACF (FOG)
  • from design to prototyping of display unit
  • OCA, OCR bonding
  • mounting and assembly of touch panel

Bonding Material/Method

ACF (to ACF Mounting page)

Product Category:Thermal Printer/LED Printer

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Print Head

  • mounting of Dr-IC on ceramic substrate with ACF
  • interconnection between control board and FPC with ACF
  • die-bonding/thin aluminum wire bonding of LED elements
  • interconnection between PCB and ceramic substrate with gold wire bonding

Bonding Material/Method

  • ACF (to ACF Interconnection page)
  • thin Aluminum wire (to Wire Bonding page)
  • Gold wire (to Wire Bonding page)

Product Category:Digital Watch/Analog Watch

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Display/Dial Face Light-Emitter

  • die-bonding/thin aluminum wire bonding of LED on FPC
  • die-bonding/gold ball bonding
  • wire connection by gold ball bonding between PCB and glass substrate of digital display (EPD)

Bonding Material/Method

  • thin Aluminum wire (to Wire Bonding page)
  • gold wire (to Wire Bonding page)

Product Category:High Frequency Circuit Board

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Chip Mounting of High Frequency Circuit Board

  • mounting by gold ribbon bonding

Bonding Material/Method

  • gold ribbon (to Wire Bonding page)

Product Category:X-ray Inspection Machine

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Power Supply Circuit

  • die bonding/thick Aluminum wedge bonding of IGBT to PCB

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Control Board

  • interconnection between PCB and FPC with ACF

Bonding Material/Method

  • thick Aluminum wire (to Wire Bonding page)
  • Aluminum ribbon (to Wire Bonding page)
  • ACF (to ACF Mounting page)

Product Category:Wrist watch type pulse monitor

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Sensing Portion

  • high-precision die bonding/gold wire bonding of PD to FPC
  • high-precision die bonding/gold wire bonding of LED to FPC

Bonding Material/Method

  • gold wire (to Wire Bonding page)

Product Category:Super Hi-Vision Camera

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Image Sensor

  • high-precision die-bonding/gold ball bonding of large-scale CMOS sensor to ceramic PKG

Bonding Material/Method

  • gold wire (to Wire Bonding page)

Product Category:RFID Tag

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
RF Element Mounting

  • RF element mounting on paper substrate (Heat and Pressure FCB/gold WB)

Bonding Material/Method

  • gold wire (to Wire Bonding page)

Product Category:Handy-Navi/Car Navigation/Mobile Phone

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Board for GPS

  • C4 mounting of GPS functional IC

Bonding Material/Method

  • Solder (to Flip-Chip Bonder page)

Product Category:Mountability Evaluation

Ordering Information (Unit/Form)
Resin Bonding Material Development/ Ceramic Bonding Material Development/Plating Evaluation/Engineering Plastic Bonding Material Evaluation

  • evaluation of prototype of newly developed circuit board
  • evaluation of products made in factories abroad
  • mountability evaluation for development of various bonding materials

Bonding Material/Method

  • X-ray inspection, bonding strength measurement, thermal shock test, heat cycle test (to Quality Evaluation/Tests page)

Product Category:Solutions for Various Problems with Mounting

Order Information (Unit/Form)
Repair of Developed Product/Wire Bonding Rework/Prototyping of New Product at Early-stage of Development Without Applying Mounting Rules

  • We want to make good use of the few prototype IC's and substrates. Can we recycle and reuse those after test and evaluation?
  • Some wire accidentally collapsed during evaluation.
  • We have made a prototype and its profile exceeds the specs of our own machine, but we want to transfer it to mounting by all means.

Bonding Material/Method

  • Ggold wedge bonding, gold ribbon bonding, thick aluminum wire bonding, aluminum ribbon bonding, thin aluminum wire bonding (to Wire-Bonding page)

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