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ACF bonding process

  • It is an FPC bonding using ACF. Please see this technology introduction for the features of the technology.
  • We mainly perform FPC bonding on LCD and touch panel glass panels (FOG), and FPC bonding on printed circuit boards (FOB).
  • In addition, we have various types of achievements such as FPC bonding on film touch panels, connection between FPCs, and connection between PET substrate and FPC.
  • In addition, it supports a wide range of sizes, from thin FPCs with a width of several millimeters to wide FPCs with a width of 200 mm, and can handle various conditions with a large number of bonding machines.


The feature of our ACF bonding process is the wide range of support that we have cultivated through many years of trial production.
We have responded to various bonding widths, bonding pitches, and variations of materials.

The bonding conditions are set and bonded so that they meet the recommended conditions of the ACF manufacturer each time.
Therefore, if you specify the conditions, it is possible to bond with the supplied ACF.

FPC is not only supplied, but we can also design and procure FPC and perform ACF bonding by our arrangement.
Regarding the supplied items, if you consult us in advance, we can incorporate a design suitable for ACF bonding into the FPC or the board.


  • Terminal pitch: Standard 80 μm or more, minimum 26 μm (There are considerable restrictions on materials and design)
  • Bonding temperature: 130-210 ° C
  • FPC width: 5mm width to 200mm width (Please contact us as we may be able to handle other types)
  • ACF: We also support supplied items

Processing combination (example)

  • FPC bonding on glass panel
  • FPC bonding on film touch panel
  • FPC bonding on film panel
  • FPC bonding on film LCD
  • Connection between FPCs
  • FPC bonding on printed circuit board (PCB)
  • FPC bonding on a ceramic substrate
  • FPC bonding on silicon (Si) chips
  • Others (please contact us)


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