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Bare chip mixed loading and various mounting of LED

One stop service of a substrate Packaging experimental production and mass production!

We will be consistent, and handle a substrate design, part supply, packaging, assembly and quality evaluation/the guarantee and packing/shipment about wire bonding, the bare chip packaging of ACF, FCB and SMT.

  • An experimental production and a little mass production (10 unit) will correspond.
  • We will handle it from dice cutting of an IC chip, tray loading and the back grind. we also receive the modularizing.
  • We will handle rework from 1 wire/a repair.

We will correspond to wide packaging.

Implementation flow of COB (Chip on Board)

  • Chip + printed circuit board
  • Chip + glass substrates
  • Chip + flexible board
  • Chip + ceramic substrate
  • Chip + chip
  • Glass substrates + flexible board

Please consult us.

We will correspond to experimental and mass production.

I'll handle a little experimental production (10unit).
Please consult any time.

We will be consistent and correspond.

A substrate design, necessary part supply and an experimental production/mass production and assembly, Quality evaluation/the guarantee and packing/shipment.

We will correspond to dicing of an IC chip and tray accumulation and the back grind.

Please consult any time.

We will correspond to all kinds' packaging of bare chip.

  • Gold wire wire bonding
  • The aluminum thin line/heavy line wire bonding
  • Gold wire and aluminum line ribbon wire binding
  • Copper wire wire bonding
  • ACF (anisotropic conductive film) -> To a in-depth page.
  • FCB (flip-chip bonding) -> To a in-depth page.

We will correspond to SMT (surface mounting).

SMT (surface mounting)-> To a in-depth page.

The advantage by the cooperative enterprise.

The advantage of each cooperative enterprise network company, we will utilize and respond to all customer's request quickly.


  1. Inquiry
  2. Specification meeting (Visit meeting is available.)
  3. Preliminary implementation test (If the difficulty level is high and it is necessary to check whether it can be installed.)
  4. Prototype material arrangement (We arrange the board, parts and materials.)
  5. Receipt of supply materials (Supply of key parts.)
  6. Trial production (Create the reports if needed.)
  7. Prototype delivery and the result report
Going to mass production...
  1. Advance the prototype stage (Development prototype, Technical prototype, Mass production prototype)
  2. Meeting on mass production (Discussion on the schedule of Mass production)
  3. Preparation for mass production (Design of production line, Establish of QC process schedule, Arrange of production facilities and jigs.)
  4. Mass production line audit (Audit of Quality Assurance Department and Purchasing department.)
  5. Mass production prototype
  6. Mass production review (The review is carried out in our own and report if necessary.)
  7. Mass production start

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