Jisso Business

Work flow

  1. Inquiries / Inquiries
  2. Specifications meeting (A meeting is also possible by visiting)
  3. Preliminary bonding experiment (when the difficulty level is high and it is necessary to confirm whether or not bonding is possible in advance)
  4. Arrangement of prototype parts (We can also arrange boards, parts, and materials)
  5. Receipt of supplied materials (supply of key parts)
  6. Prototype (If you need a report, we will create it as well)
  7. Prototype delivery / prototype result report

When proceeding to mass production ...

  1. Proceed with prototype steps (development prototype, technology prototype, mass production prototype)
  2. Meeting for mass production study (Mass production schedule adjustment)
  3. Preparation for mass production (line design, QC process chart establishment, jig, production equipment arrangement)
  4. Mass production line audit (audit by customer's product certification department and purchasing department)
  5. Mass production prototype
  6. Mass production review (We will do it ourselves, but we will report it as needed)
  7. Mass production start

After that, it will shift to the flow of the normal purchasing route.

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