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SMT (Surface Mount Implementation): We support trial production to mass production!

Total manufacturing solutions from mask production to completion of substrate mount/surface mounted units

  • Support a wide variety of products with high-speed, high-precision integration of substrate mounted/surface mounted units
  • Meet a wide range of requirements for high-density substrate mounting
  • Accommodate requests for prototyping to mass production of substrate mounted/surface mounted units
  • Use our own nitrogen reflow (N2 reflow) system.
  • Inspect with BGA-integrated and X-ray fluoroscope

In order to quickly adapt ourselves to ever-increasing introduction of electronic technologies into various machines and equipment as well as acceleration of reduction in size and weight and enhancement of their function and performance, we have introduced state-of-the-art mounting lines, which enables us to respond to a wide variety of request for substrate design, materials procurement, prototyping, mass production, dip process, hand soldering and more. We can meets any and all requirements, supported by our technological strength in substrate mounting/surface mounting and through and extensive quality control

Substrate Mounting/Surface Mounting (SMT)

  • Broad experience in substrate mounting/surface mounting on not only PCB substrates, but on FPC substrates
  • Accommodate requests for fine-pitch mounting or super tiny parts requiring stringent integration precision in substrate mounting, such as CSP, BGA, QFP, 0402, 0603
  • Optimum temperature profile setting possible with our own 8-zone N2 reflow system
  • Comply with RoHS and lead-free regulation from environmental viewpoint
  • Available substrate size for substrate mounting/surface mounting:
    50mm x 50mm - 250mm x 330mm t=50μm - 2.0mm

Printing Masks

Printing Mask Production

Produce using substrate manufacturing data
Produce using not only Gerber data and DXF data, but substrate data

Processing Method

  • Laser
    Highly precise metal masks, using laser processing method
    Suitable for surface mounted devices for fine-pitch (0.4mm) integration
  • Etching Method
    Metal masks of stable precision by photo-etching process Suitable for surface mounting of common density
  • Additive Method
    Highly precise metal masks by electroforming process
    Suitable for high density surface/substrate mounting for fine-pitch (0.3mm) integration Smooth cut edge of mask openings which enhances reparability

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