Corporate Profile

IATF16949: 2016 certified / IATF registration number 350424
Matsumoto-yamaga J1 re-promotion, continued official sponsor.
2018 New plant building completed at Shio Plant
2016 Obtained the compliance certification of Seiko Epson Group's assurance against chemical substance inclusion in products/quality assurance system
Registered as Medical Device Manufacturer.
2015 Celebrated the 70th anniversary of establishment of the company and performed CI.
Matsumoto Yamaga promoted to the J1 League and we continued being an official sponsor.
Relocated Tokyo office.
2014 Acquired the certification of compliance with ISO/TS 16949 standards.
Opened Tokyo office.
2013 Installed photovoltaic facility on the head office and Shio office.
2012 Certified as SONY Green Partner.
Became a stadium banner sponsor of Matsumoto Yamaga Football Club in the J2 League.
2010 Acquired the certification of SEIKO EPSON Corporation's Chemical Substances Management System.
2009 Started entrusted operation of mounting, assembly, and inspection of quartz crystal oscillator (including prototyping).
2008 Expanded package/assembly evaluation equipment (temperature & humidity test chambers, thermal shock tester, measuring microscope, etc.)
Developed water-cooled Peltier cooler "セシオ".
Obtained our first patent ("Interior Accessory, Rendering Method of Interior Accessory, Waterjet Generator for Bathtub, and Toy").
2007 Started entrusted operation of plastic injection.
Started business as a mobile phone distributing agent for SoftBank BB Corp. targeting corporate and governmental agencies.
Started agency business for EPSON i-Solutions Corporation.
2006 Expanded substrate mounting and packaging business (wire bonding, etc.).
Celebrated the 60th anniversary of establishment of the company.
2005 Completed construction of the new annex of Kubo office.
Installed temperature & humidity chambers.
2004 Established a staffing company, "Wing".
Presented the "Peltier Generator Kit" developed in-house at Nagano Suwa Area Industrial Messe.
2003 Introduced TOYOTA JIT system into production system with assistance of the Central Japan Industries Association
Acquired the industrial waste collection and transportation business (including reshipment and storage) license.
2002 Started entrusted manufacturing of viewfinders for digital cameras.
Implemented 3D CAD system (SolidWorks 2001 Plus).
Started entrusted manufacturing of TFT panel modules for liquid crystal projectors.
Acquired the industrial waste intermediate treatment business license.
Acquired certification of ISO 9001, the International Standard of Environment Management System (year 2000 version).
2001 Started entrusted assembling of LED heads for page printers.
Acquired certification of ISO 14001, the International Standard of Environment Management.
2000 Completed construction of the new buildings of head office/Shio office (April).
Started entrusted business of module mounting of color liquid crystal displays for mobile phones.
Started material recycling of used plastics.
1999 Acquired certification of ISO 9001, the International Standard of Quality Management.
Acquired the industrial waste collection and transportation business license.
1996 To mark the 50th anniversary of establishment of the company, the company name changed to INGS SHINANO Co., Ltd.
1995 Started entrusted manufacturing of digital cameras.
1994 Started entrusted manufacturing of units for small developing machines.
1993 Started entrusted manufacturing of IC cards and electronic stationaries.
1991 Started entrusted manufacturing of printer parts.
1988 Started entrusted assembly of SEIKO watch exterior case.
1983 Started entrusted assembly of various cameras.
1978 Started entrusted assembly of small motors for information and AV devices.
1971 Started entrusted assembly of various cameras.
1968 Launched precision manufacturing department and entered into business relations with Hamazawa Kogyo (current SEKO EPSON Corporation). 
Started entrusted typesetting of dial plate for SEIKO watch.
1946 Founded as Shinano Sangyo Co., Ltd. (at the present place of registered office), starting production and sales of silkworm eggs.