Corporate Profile

FY2019 Management Policy

Corporate Policy:    Mutual trust, Harmony, Best Efforts

A company that can provide a one-stop service centered on prototype / small-volume production business and mass production contract business with a comprehensive grasp of the wave of new changes in the social environment (IoT, 5G, advanced mounting, etc.) Realize bright and fun with teamwork of all employees

Management goals


  1. Achieve 100% of sales and profit targets
  2. Demonstrate 100% customer responsiveness to achieve the goal

<Enhancing corporate strength and quality improvement>

  1. Continue manufacturing through thorough implementation of “5S3tei” 5S ... Organize, tidy, clean, clean, discipline 3tei ... Position (where), Fixed product (what), Fixed amount (how many)
  2. Quality improvement and safety assurance based on ISO / IATF
  3. Utilize IT system to share information and realize efficient business operations
  4. Aim to further improve productivity by increasing the operating rate of equipment and by automation and continuous KAIZEN activities
  5. Improve pioneering and proposal capabilities by strengthening collaboration between sales and on-site, and secure sales through integration
  6. Actively tackle next-generation technologies and skills

<Human resources and Corporate Culture>

  1. Develop human resources (leaders) who will lead the next generation (enhance employee training)
  2. Aiming to be a caring and trusted employee who keeps promises and makes constant efforts
  3. Thoroughly enhance “Ho-Ren-So” + “Ohitashi *” to enhance the comprehensive strength of the entire company
  4. * Don't get angry, don't deny, help, give instructions

FY2019 Quality Policy

Aiming to be a company that can be trusted as a member of society and contribute to society by providing high-quality and reliable products and services that meet customer needs, aiming for mutual growth of the company and its employees.

Quality Policy

In providing “products and services” that meet customer needs, meet legal regulations and other requirements, continue to improve the quality management system, and improve customer satisfaction

<Prototype Business>
Providing services that meet rapidly changing customer needs (speed, technology, cost)

<Mass production business>

  1. Ensure product quality in existing businesses
  2. For new customers, pay attention to process changes (new M / C introduction, new product launch, etc.) and build an efficient and effective quality system during the initial flow

Quality goal

<Prototype Business>
“Aiming to improve customer satisfaction at a higher level”

<Mass production business>
“Customer complaint” “0” “In-house nonconformity” “0”

  1. Strengthen manufacturing by adhering to standardized work
  2. Strengthen quality management system initiatives * Establish IATF 16949
  3. Improve quality by thoroughly implementing “5S3tei

FY2019 Environmental Policy

Ings Shinano Co., Ltd. is developing corporate activities based on precision mounting and assembly in the Suwa area surrounded by clear air and rich nature.
Based on this, we will fulfill our social responsibilities as a company that carries out healthy activities in harmony with the global environment and inherits the favorable environment to the next generation.

Environmental policy

  1. We comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as the requirements of interested parties, set voluntary standards, and promote continuous improvement of the environment to protect biodiversity and ecosystems and prevent pollution.
  2. In accordance with the environmental management system (ISO14001: 2015), each department sets environmental targets, evaluates its performance and system, and implements necessary reviews.

Environmental targets

  1. Proper management of chemical substances in products, green purchasing and legal compliance
  2. Optimizing resource and energy consumption for the entire business (improving yield)
  3. Review and strengthen operational status for ISO 14001: 2015 renewal review

* Distribute the “Environmental Policy Card” to all employees to ensure that this policy is fully understood and act as a guideline for action and will be disclosed to all concerned parties.

FY2019 Occupational Safety and Health Policy

We believe that ensuring occupational health and safety for all employees is the most important foundation for corporate activities, and we will comply with laws and regulations related to workplace health and safety and aim to realize a workplace environment where all employees can work with satisfaction.

Behavioral guidelines

  1. Utilize the system of the occupational safety and health management system, set specific targets, execute and evaluate them, and strive for continuous improvement
  2. We will comply with laws and regulations related to occupational safety and health, and regulations and standards based on agreements agreed by the organization.
  3. Eliminate hazards and reduce health and safety risks leading to occupational accidents
  4. Based on discussions and participation at all levels, through safety and health education for all employees, we will strive to raise safety awareness so that we can act with safety first.


  1. Slightly wounded accidents “0”
  2. Improve employee safety awareness and ensure thorough operational standards