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[Inter National Management System]
ISO 9001 Certificate is obtained.

In December 1999, ISO 9001, which is international standard for quality control, certificate is obtained. In December 2002, we are shifted into ISO 9001. We will further spread the standard of international quality management system over the company to establish quality assurance system which is appropriate for the certificate.

*ISO 9001 registration range
Jissoo/assembly of LCD module and assembly of optical device

[Inter National Management System]
ISO 14001 Certificate is obtained.

In December 2001, ISO 14001, which is international standard for environmental management, certificate is obtained. As a company running business in Suwa, a place located in beautiful nature, we promise that our business activity is environment friendly and we will carry out our social responsibility to turn over the rich natural environment to the next generation.

*ISO 14001 registration range    Shiou office and Kubo office

Recycle business related

Industrial waste collection and transportation

In March 1999, we acquired the industrial waste collection and transportation business (waste plastics, paper waste: permit number 2019060675) for the purpose of enhancing and expanding the recycling business.

Industrial waste collection and transportation business (including transshipment storage)

In November 2003, we obtained a permission for transshipment storage. (Waste alkali, waste plastic, scrap metal: permit number 2019060675)

Industrial waste disposal business (intermediate treatment)

In October 2002, we obtained an industrial waste disposal business (intermediate treatment) (waste plastics and metal scraps: permit number 2029060675), so that we can handle a series of industrial waste processing except final disposal within our company. In the future, we will further expand the scope of permission and strive to further expand the recycling business.


Medical device manufacturing

In February 2016, we registered medical device manufacturing. We will expand our business in the medical equipment field in collaboration with other companies, universities and local people. (Registration number 20BZ200101)

Sony Green Partner

In December 2012, we were certified by the “Green Partner Environmental Quality Certification System”, an operating system for the “Environmental Management and Substance Management Rules for Parts and Materials” defined by Sony Corporation's technical standards.

Acquired chemical substance management system certification of Seiko Epson Corporation

In June 2010, certificate of "Green Partner Environment Quality Certificate System" which is implementation syste3m of "Environment Control/Material Control Rules for Parts/Material" determined according to SONY technical standard is obtained.

Certificate, Patent

  • Patent : JP4176376  Registered Date: August 29, 2008
    Title of the invention: Interior, choreographing method of interior, jet water stream generating device for bath tub and toy
  • Utility Model : JP3135562
    Thermoelectric power generator for educational tool
  • Patent pending : 8