Technology introduction

IH spot reflow is a technology that uses induction heating (IH) to locally heat only the metal part and perform soldering.
Since it is heated by induction heating, only metals such as solder and leads generate heat.

There are two advantages of this IH spot reflow system.
First, the heat effect on the base material to be soldered can be minimized. Electronic components can be bonded on materials with low heat resistance such as PET film, cloth, and paper.
The second merit is that it can be applied to repair applications, such as melting and removing the solder only for parts in narrow areas, taking advantage of the fact that it can be heated locally.

We are collaborating with Wonder Future Corporation to evaluate the introduction of the IH spot reflow system.

Please contact us if you are interested, or if you are considering solder bonding on a low heat resistant base material, solder bonding by local heating, repair, etc.